Cooperation, an increasingly core value

Letter to Stakeholders

Poised between the past and the future, we leave behind the darkest moments of the pandemic and look to the future with a desire for renewal and yet with bated breath over geopolitical uncertainty. Change has become a hallmark of our lives in recent years, and in this fluid, changing and fast-moving context, we have discovered more than ever the value of cooperation. Cooperation is the word that has enabled us to close 2021 and open 2022. The ancient evils of humanity, which we thought we had defeated with science and a culture of peace, have returned to remind us that well-being, health and freedom are not earned forever. In an Italy that has regained confidence in itself and in the European project, uncertainty is once again looming. In many countries all over Europe, there is growing concern about economic growth, to which the widespread crisis in energy and raw material supplies is contributing. 

Against this troubled scenario, it makes even more sense for us to celebrate 2022 as a special year: Politecnica is turning 50. It has been a long journey full of profound changes, a journey that we have faced by being guided by the principles of cooperation and solidarity that have been at the heart of our essence since 1972. So today we feel ready to face the years to come with the confidence and strength springing from our good roots.

Our 2021

Despite the uncertainties, last year was a positive one for Politecnica. The set production and commercial targets were achieved and largely surpassed: more than €21 million in turnover and 55 million in the portfolio, a record in our history.

Our professional community has expanded and is now home to almost 300 people.

We have consolidated our international presence, confirming our position as a leading player in Italy in the private healthcare, luxury and industrial markets and in the public market for large hospitals, infrastructure and restoration.

We have overcome important challenges, and we feel ready for future ones, thanks to the culture of project sustainability and the digitisation of design and construction management processes: 100% of our work is now based on BIM-related technologies.

We have invested a lot in professional training: over 2,000 hours in one year. In addition to professional training courses - for BIM technicians, safety coordinators, fire prevention experts - we have created opportunities for sharing, to reflect together on internal project experiences, promote our project culture and share our know-how. 

In 2021 there were also intense collaborations with universities in Florence, Genoa, Molise, Naples, Padua, Parma, Perugia, Pisa, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena, San Marino, IUAV Venice, Ferrara and Turin. There are 17 curricular courses and post-graduate traineeships, eight of which have led to actual collaborations in architecture, plant engineering and infrastructure.

In addition, we have accelerated the process to achieve full gender equality and obtained, as the first in Italy in the sector, IDEM certification for Gender Equality.

2022, cooperation to look ahead

Just this very year, in this fluid and changing context that proceeds at alternate speeds, we have seen how cooperation is today more central than ever. And we have chosen it as the key word for this 2022, which is a special year for us at Politecnica: fifty years since its foundation.

Cooperation between generations. For fifty years, the orientation towards solidarity between different generations has made us look ahead, projecting ourselves into a theoretically infinite horizon, overcoming the temporal limits of the professional life of individuals. And by valuing and sharing the individual contributions of all the members who have worked, are working and will work there.

Cooperation for the environment

After Cop26 and the environmental disasters of 2021, climate change and environmental sustainability are clear priorities. For years, the projects developed by Politecnica have been meeting sustainability requirements through increasingly integrated design, the result of cooperation between different skills and professionalism.

Today we are working on the development of projects, in Italy and abroad, that aim to meet high standards of sustainability, attested by the achievement of specific environmental certifications and protocols. Such as Green Life, the new Crédit-Agricole management centre (LEED® Platinum Certification) in Parma and the new Mapei Football Centre (LEED® Certified) in Reggio Emilia.

Cooperation for inclusion

For Politecnica, inclusion is a firm commitment, both to the client and internally. Our way of designing starts by listening to the communities and aims to create places and infrastructures that can respond to people's needs over time. We likewise have a challenging agenda for our company: having obtained IDEM certification for Gender Equality in 2021, this year we have other welfare initiatives in the pipeline for achieving full gender equality.


21 Mln€

Turnover value 2021


Percentage change from 2020


Tendered projects

55 Mln€

Order book


Acquired projects


Investments in training




People: Increase compared to 2020

47% | 53%

Women | Men

In detail



Compared to 2020

Turnover (value)

21 Ml€


Awarded projects (value)

34.7 Mln€. 


Tendered projects (value)

18.9 Mln€.


Projects acquired on private markets (value)

15.8 Mln€. 


Acquired projects (no.)


Order book (value)

55 million


Foreign market presence (value of professional amount on total turnover)


Participation in tenders/competitions (No.)


Completed projects (no.)




Compared to 2020

People (no.)


+ 10%

People (gender)

47% women, 53% men


Members (no.) 



Certifications obtained in 2021

IDEM Gender Equality Bronze Certification 

Training & technologies


Compared to 2020

Training (total hours/year)



Training (average hours per capita/year)



Investment in new equipment (value)



Cooperation with universities
and training institutions


Compared to 2020




IDEM Gender Equality Bronze certification


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Modena and Florence offices


ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System for Modena and Florence offices


ISO 9001 Quality Management System: extension of certification to the use of BIM methods and tools


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System: extension of certification to Florence office


OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System: extension of certification to Florence office


Legality rating by the Competition and Market Authority according with the Ministries of Interior and Justice 


Adherence to the Envision protocolTM


Development of Integrated Management System (Health & Safety at Work) Update of Quality System 2015 issue 9001 standard

2015 > 2016

UNI EN ISO14001 Environmental certification


Quality Certification Project Management Activities


Adoption of the OMC 231 Drafting of the Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Ethics Manual


ISO 9001 Extension of Certification to all business processes 

2009 > 2011

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Update


Membership of the Green Building Council Italia (LEED certification system - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

2001 > 2007

ISO 9001 Quality Certification