The bridge over the Magra river

Designing the future
  • Location
    Aulla (Caprigliola-Albiano locality), province of Massa and Carrara
  • Country
  • Customer
    ANAS S.p.A.
  • Team
    Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Soc. Coop.
    Technital S.p.A.
  • Service
    Technical and economic feasibility, detailed and final designs, assistance to the works supervision
  • Assignment
    Project stradale
    Environment and landscape
    Minor works
    Hydrology and hydraulics
    Relationship with organisations
    Construction site
  • Project
    2021 - 2022

Reconnection of the two banks of the river Magra, isolated by the collapse of the existing bridge, with a cycle and pedestrian path. This is an urgent and delicate project, of high engineering value (due to the geomorphological fragility of the area and the peculiarities of the Magra river) in a context of great environmental, historical and landscape value.

The Project

The construction of the new bridge aims to rehabilitate the road connection between the two banks of Magra river, thus providing an appropriate level of service. The project does also meet additional needs in the area: t enhances elements of historical and architectural interest that tell a story of border lands and links with the river, such as the former customs house, the former passenger building, the war memorial and, on the other bank, the "ferryman’s house". It promotes sustainable mobility with bicycle and pedestrian paths interconnected with the Via Francigena cycle path, to be built on the disused railway line. It provides for the redevelopment of the areas near the bridge, including the subway connecting the square to the houses beyond the railway. It improves traffic flow management with a new roundabout road intersection.

In constant dialogue with the players involved (the contracting authority, the commissioning structure, the national and local authorities for the authorisation phase, and the contractor), Politecnica engaged its team in the design activity, proposing the appropriate engineering and architectural solutions to achieve the new link in a certain, short time, as well as coordinating the work of the partners (Technital S.p.A for the geology and Studio Matildi+Partners for the deck).

From a landscape point of view, the design provides shapes, materials and colours in harmony with the context and enhances the continuity of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle paths. Equipped spaces for parking, pedestrian and bicycle paths have been created for the existing activities of restaurant and cultural club.

The redevelopment of the river bank on the Albiano side includes the restoration of the construction site, the planting of shrubs, the greening of the shoulder of the old bridge and of the area covered by debris, the creation of equipped green areas and sports facilities along the Magra river (pedestrian and cycle path down to the river bank, solarium, picnic area and children's playground).

Finally, the redevelopment of the Piazza della Repubblica car park is planned.


Contribution to the SDGs goals

  • The new bridge reconnects the population of the locality of Albiano, cut off from the municipal area after the bridge collapsed, with the main town of Aulla. In addition, the project improves the adjacent road system: it creates a variant to Bettola, eliminates the undercrossing of the disused railway line, inserts a new roundabout to facilitate traffic flows and replaces a risky level crossing with a pedestrian subway designed also for reduced mobility users.

  • The project considers the impact on the quality of life of the local community in an area already subject to depopulation. The aim is to carry out an urban and functional redevelopment focused on sustainability (cycle paths), environment (green works), town planning and culture (station square, maintenance of the war memorial and of the Lunense canal). The project also aims at rehabilitating the public spaces adjacent to the former passenger building of the disused railway line "Station Caprigliola Albiano".